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Sports Day – Let’s Play!

What a great way to start Spring with our annual Sports Day event!  The children had a great morning participating in running, relay, skipping and many other races; something for everyone.

Sports Day allows children to showcase many of the skills they have learned in physical education classes.  This day was made extra special by the large turn out of proud parents, and the cooler weather.  I was amazed how well the children demonstrate what it is to show good sportsmanship, team spirit, and cooperation.  It gave me a subtle chance to interact with the students in English in a less formal environment compared with the classroom.

Well done to all the children and thank you to all of the teachers for organizing such a meaningful event.  The students and parents see that physical education and organised competitions are valued as part of a holistic approach to school life.



Sports Day 2015

Dear Parents,

Sports Day 2015 was a great success! The children had a terrific time and got the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in the various competitions.


The grade leaders began the morning by firing up their teams with their house team chants.  All groups tried their very best and performed well in all of the events.  Some of the tournaments were Bean Bag race, Hurdles, Relay race and Shot Put among others.  Throughout the various competitions, the children displayed excellent team spirit and sportsmanship.

The day finished with the medal ceremony in which all students received medals for their sporting efforts.

Mr Campbell