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A Quick and Easy Way to Edit and Enhance Videos with Vimo

Smartphones are commonplace for educators to record video and take photos to highlight powerful learning engagements within their classrooms. I have an equally powerful video editing app that has proven itself to be quick and easy to use with impressive results.

Vimo is a robust video editor app that provides all the features one needs when editing a video without the complications of a steep, learning curve.

To prove this, I took a video of a Dragon Dance in the streets of Hong Kong and used Vimo, its free version. There are in-app purchases for various functions and extras.

It is a perfect app for those teachers and students short on time… sound familiar? It offers many of the features in iMovie but with better text options and motion stickers. It is easy and straightforward, thus takes only a few minutes to get used to and navigate through the icons. You can make two types of products, a moving picture and video.

In order to edit a video follow these steps:

Import a video(s) from your camera roll, then tap the plus sign to add various stickers. A variety of different themes are available, including emotions, music-themed options and festive occasions.
Stickers: once you’ve placed a sticker, you can then drag/resize it around your video
Text: select the text icon below the sticker icon, change font and colour and resize and adjust the orientation with a pinch
I also discovered that if you want to create certain effects there is a very simple way to duplicate a section of the video and then fade or slow motion a section that you want to emphasize. I wanted the viewer to see the rhythm and coordination of the talented performers, achieved by slowing the video by half.
Vimo is an excellent app that students could use when looking to present their writing projects through a different media.
Exporting features are numerous.
I highly recommend paying the full price of the in-app purchases ($3.99 US) because the extras are worth it, especially the transitions.

Check out my Dragon Dance Vimo Video posted on YouTube below.



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