My School

CNEC Ta Tung School


CNEC Ta Tung School

Tel: (852) 2421 9159
Address: Estate School No 1 Kwai Hing Estate , Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

CNEC Ta Tung Schl, Kwai Chung, Schools-Primary (Government & Aided) at 12.50.47 PM


4 responses to “My School

  1. Hello Ali

  2. Surprising! I stumbled upon an image which led me to this page which clearly wasn’t my objective but the children’s uniform seemed very familiar which aroused my curiosity and led me here.

    I was a former teaching assistant in CNEC Ta Tung. My primary job duty was to communicate the school messages to the non-Chinese speaking parents and assist the non-chinese students.

    And I am guessing you are the current NET in CNEC, right? I hope you are enjoying your work in CNEC TA Tung.

    By the way, I am Ms. Aqeela and I am currently working in a preschool.

    Ha,What a coincidence! I shall continue what I intended to search 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by. Say hi to Aisha if you see her. I believe she is still in Pakistan with her family.

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