That Final Touch

Students in my various classes continue to amaze me with their ability to engage with multiple languages over the course of any day.  After typical startup routines within my lessons, they review content and high- frequency vocabulary associated with various units/themes and large books we read together.

COMPOSURE Composure, Today at 7.25.22 pm.png

It is at this stage that they look forward to a variety of activities to help reinforce the goals of the lesson.  One of these activities, commonly, is the use of the iPads.  Students are seen here practicing vocabulary and, in some apps, being introduced to new vocabulary with the aid of graphics and audio.

I learn so much watching them have their private time with the iPad to see which assigned apps grab their attention, and which ones rarely get used.  I have been using various phonics apps that allow for customizing vocabulary.  I recommend you looking at Alligator Apps for samples of these type of apps, and most are generously free!


Alligator Apps Firefox, Today at 7.39.29 pm.png


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