P3/4 Assembly

Students of Primary 3/4 had a marvelous assembly last week to highlight the English programme within their grades.

Image 5

It was a highly interactive agenda of activities with the following:

  • first year for student-led assembly with two student emcees – bravo, Hadia and Alice
  • highly entertaining story with student involvement called, Click Clack, Cows that Type – recommended!
  • question and answer period
  • Spot the characters from the story in large pictures of various Hong Kong markets – they loved this!
  • demonstration of Sight Words Ninja app

Sight Words Ninja - The Endless Slicing Game to Learn to Read on the App Store Firefox, Today at 12.07.04 pm

  • iMovie of the Ma On Shan Country Park day trip from the previous week

iMovie iMovie, Today at 12.12.01 pm

Students are so much more active as listeners and participants when these assemblies are about them.  Variety, multimedia and student involvement are key!  Thank you to the wonderful Primary 3/4 teachers and support staff for their input and teamwork.

Image 2



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