P1/2 Stellar Students

Part of my goals this year in regard to student assemblies is to have more student involvement in the running of the assembly.  Last week, at the first P 1-2 Assembly, two students took the role of emcees to welcome parents, students and staff to this event.  Together, we wrote their lines and they capably memorized their parts adding the expression and enunciation we practiced.  I am so proud of these two students for being risk-takers in this first step to total student led assemblies.


The P1-2 students did a great job at their assembly Friday with co-reading and chanting the story, Brown Bear What Do You See?  They particularly enjoyed the questions following the story and the character find challenge in the specially made pictures of Hong Kong.


As always, they love to sing the Rainbow Song which highlights the colours of the rainbow.  I demonstrated an app called, ABC Ninja on the iPad to the large projector and screen to highlight this free apps educational value for learning English letters and phonic sounds.

ABC Ninja - The Alphabet Letters and Phonics Slicing Game for Kids on the App Store Firefox, Today at 1.01.24 pmThe slideshow ended our assembly which highlighted all the P 1/2 class collages, short videos from around the school, and some videos about the Lunar Moon Festival celebrations at the school.

I’m very proud of my P 1/2 students and thank their teachers for their support.



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