ESL Tidbits

Learning another language is even more enjoyable when combined with technology and the Arts.  Students become so much more engaged when the various activities and lessons are offered with the animation of apps, inspirational multimedia, and a kinaesthetic  approach to motivate their involvement.

Grade 2, students are learning new phonic sounds with the use of simple tongue twisters that are fun to say.  Through these silly and rhythmic phrases, students are practicing their letter ’S’ while moving to the beat.  Try to say, “Six Silly Sheep,” five times, as fast as you can!  Combined it in a chant, and with body movement and they won’t forget their ’S’!

Grade 4s have been learning how to use an app called ‘My Create’ during ECA time.  Through the use of still pictures, they create a thirty to forty second animated clip to depict a story, which they will later use to review Procedural and Recount writing.  They have enjoyed planning and creating their sets.  This week, they will begin making their videos.




Grade 6s are focusing on the voice animation projects.  They have really been working hard trying to put everyday language and voice to the video (For the Birds) It is a new way and interesting way to grasp a language as ESL learners and they truly enjoyed it. They have really taken ownership by editing, recording and planning it themselves.






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