Creating Film Reviews with Sock Puppets App

Sock Puppet

Grade Six students have been learning what constitutes a film review and, as part of their unit, they  have been putting their new learned skill to work through the use of an app – Sock Puppet.  After having watched and discussed the film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they set about in groups to prepare and record their project.

Sock Puppets allow just about anyone to quickly and easily create short animated movies using not only sock puppet characters, but (via in-app purchases) aliens and Halloween characters.  To create a video, simply select your puppets, a background, some props and tap the record button. The app detects a voice, and attempts to move the mouth of the puppet along with the vocals.
Using Sock Puppet is one of the many ways in which children can have an interactive learning experience practicing a second language.  Even for the shyest student, the puppet they select acts as their Avatar, allowing them to feel at ease while recording.  Furthermore, they can self-correct any mistake and practice their pronunciation.



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