My Create

A new Grade 4 ECA has just begun and the students are eager to see what’s planned for them.  I want something that is rich with:

  • inquiry
  • technology
  • student independence
  • ESL common goals
  • content transferable to other areas
  • memorable and fun

We are going to work with a free app that available from Apple’s iTunes App Store called, My Create.  It is stop motion photography.

My Create icon

In groups, students will be using storyboards to create a brief 10 to 30 second stop motion animation about a topic they find interesting.  It requires creating a background and assembling small characters and props that will add to the ‘movie-like’ illusion that stop motion creates.

The storyboard promotes a structure to their brief tale… brief, because typically, stop motion animation takes approximately 10 photos per second of video.

Create ECA 2

Group skills include a team approach where each student is valued and has a task.  Tasks could involve:

  • director
  • photographer
  • background creaters
  • props creators
  • storyboard creator
  • sound creator

Create ECA 1

This week, we will be focusing on planning strategies, samples, and storyboard development.  Each week, students will see sample videos that are popular stop motion type from YouTube and Vimeo.

Students are encouraged to download My Create if they have an Apple iPad or iPhone at home.  My goal is to see them using this technology outside of school for their own purposes, and, hopefully to support their learning in other subject areas.

Here’s a stunning example of stop motion by a pro:


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