Sock Puppets App Lends a Hand

Sock Puppet

One of the apps I have started using in the classroom is Sock Puppets.  It is a free app but it does have the option for several in app purchases.

Sock Puppets P1

It is a wonderful tool that allows my ESL students at all levels, to practice their oral skills.

P1 iPads

This app allows children to create a high tech sock puppet play, and the finished product can be used for a myriad of other activities.

  • up to four different puppets can be selected
  • you can also choose a background or upload one of your choice
  • select props and scenery

Once the stage is set, participants can create a 30 second recording of their play.  The sock puppets mouths move when the user talks and it can also be moved around the screen by touching it.  The app has a feature that allows the user to change the tone/pitch of their voice so it is very non threatening for those children who are shy.

Below is a short video done by my P1. ESL students.  This is their first time being exposed to English and they used it to introduce themselves and welcome the rest of the P1 classes during our opening assembly.

I will be using this app in many different ways and will continue sharing the various ways children can “create” and put into practice what they have learned.


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