All About Me! P6 Amaze!

Welcome to all!  I hope you are looking forward the 2014/2015 school year.  A special welcome to all our new Primary 1 pupils who have joined us in August.

This past week, the students have had an opportunity to get to know
each other and learn about themselves through various activities.

P1, 2, 3 learned about different attributes (strong, outgoing, tough, hero, jolly, and others) and selected their favourite one and explained in their own words why they would like to be that character.  In watching trailers of the latest movie, Planes: Fire & Rescue, students tried to match the attributes learned to the different characters.  I introduced some of the attributes it takes to be a fire fighter, concluding this class by having them select and colour their favourite character.

P6 Week’s theme is All About Me! They had an opportunity to get to know their classmates by playing a board game called, All About Me! in groups of three.  Each had a chance to roll the dice and land on a question which they had to ask their classmate about his/herself.  After twenty minutes, each group got a chance to introduce their friend to the class based on what they found out through the game.  Check out the videos of some of the proud introductions made by the fabulous P6 students.


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