Theatre of Arts

Through Reader’s Theatre, my students thrive from the mixture of the Arts and language, and are able to bring a story alive.

Reader’s Theater has something for all students, regardless of their language level.  Beginning ESL speakers can have a small role with one or two short sentences.  If  a child is shy, he or she can select a non-speaking role such as an animal character.  Children with more advanced speaking skills  have a chance to focus on improving their expression and clarity in their role.  Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to highlight and encourage social skills such as teamwork and open-mindedness.

My goal through this activity is to move forward in using the app, Shadow Puppet, which allows the students an impressive set of slideshow, video and music features similar to iMovie in the palm of their hand.  Hopefully, it will transform this activity and redefine it to a level that was not achievable from a smartphones or tablets before – SAMR.


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