Tablet Technology Tales

Grade 1 and 2 students have been enjoying their use of tablet technology, specifically, the iPads in my classroom.



I was amazed to find out more than half of the students have a tablet at home.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that the students use these wondrous gadgets only for games or email.  Apple offers a dynamic introduction video to show your students the plentiful uses of this wonderful piece of technology.

In discussing what they took away from viewing this video, responses in English or Chinese, they gave me some great replies!

iPad Reactions from Alcides Campbell on Vimeo.

Student response to the four basic rules when using the iPads has been encouraging.


They are certainly developing their group skills, as well as helping each other.   Each group was given time to dramatise one and under 30 seconds to act out in any way to convey their message. Photo Booth allowed them to discover the various photo features it has which they did quickly and with ease.


We are now adding more Apps to show their understanding of the various concepts and skills studied in class.  Shadow Puppet, is one of them.


During reading class, children work in groups of four.  Each group has an iPad with the task, to present their favourite book that’s at the group’s level.  Shadow Puppet allows them to create a slideshow with photos, recording their voices reading, and bringing the story alive by adding sounds and changing their voices to match their characters.


Popplet is another app we are using, great for mind mapping with photos and text, for individual and group presentations.



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