Home Reading Programme

My Home Reading Programme with the Grade One classes is up and running.  Children are now into the routine of reading what is read in class to their parents at home.
The main objective is teach the students reading skills which include

  • Recognise letters and letter-sound matches
  • Show familiarity with rhyming and beginning sounds
  • Understand left-to-right and top-to-bottom orientation and familiar concepts of print
  • Match spoken words with written ones
  • Begin to write letters of the alphabet and some high-frequency words

Also, other objectives include raising their reading levels in preparation for P2, and be confident enough by the end of Grade Three when presenting their oral and written English government exams.  Reading for enjoyment and independently, of course, are my ultimate goals.

Children are taught to read a booklet in class, which I have prepared, then read it to parents at home. Parents help them return their booklet and tracking journal to school the following Monday.

Children progress at different speed and levels so at times a parent might find the material too easy.  That’s okay; it’s a perfect opportunity to work on fluency.  This includes practicing reading with ease, expression and correct pacing.  Often, books at a child’s independent level help them develop confidence in themselves as a reader.

I review reading strategies, i.e., looking at the pictures, pointing to each word, looking at the picture and at the first letter(s), and sounding the word out to name a few.  At times, they find it difficult to remember these strategies as they are second language learners and their mother tongue is taught in a different fashion, however, with weekly practice, praise, and repetition, they have begun to show improvement.


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