Open the Windows

Opening the Window to their Minds
This week, I kicked off the Home Reading Programme with my grade one ESL students. My goals are to help promote and develop positive literacy experiences, increased opportunities to access reading materials at home, and to improve their reading levels from pre-readers to level one and above.

All grade one students receive a weekly booklet, which is reinforced in class. Then, they take the booklet home and read it to their parents.  I have explained to parents how to help their child at home and the types of questions to ask.

A majority of parents don’t speak English and felt this would be a barrier.  I explained to them that they can ask questions about the booklet in their own language. If the child can explain to them what they have read, this is a positive step towards promoting my students to becoming independent, capable readers.  The following week, before they are given a new booklet, my co-teacher and I listen to them read, reviewing reading strategies taught, and then move on to the next booklet.

With book bags in hand, my students are embarking on a new adventure of reading (hopefully) for enjoyment, at leisure, and, at home.


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