iPad Academy

6th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference6th Annual 21st Century Learning Conference | The Digital Learning Imperative at 11.31.48 amOn Thursday, December 12, I attended the iPad Academy presented at the 21st Century Learning International, Hong Kong, by Dana Specker Watts.

In this full day workshop, we explored the following areas:

  • exploration of the iPad as a personal and classroom learning device
  • pedagogical shifts and mental frameworks to enhance learning with iPads
  • cross curricular & content specific exploration of apps
  • integration of iPads in the classroom
  • documentation of learning with iPadsiPad Air Graphics

I will soon be starting an iPad programme specifically with my ESL programme with Grades 1, 2, and 3 students.  I look forward to integrating the iPad into my classroom routine to enhance the variety of learning styles and challenges in learning a new language.

Students will be introduced to a variety of communication and creation apps that will empower them to express themselves using language in a realistic and meaningful way.  I look forward to using an interdisciplinary approach to motivate as many of my students with the vibrancy of tablet technology.photo 2


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