Reading Programme

IMG_3042On Saturday, December 7, my ESL Reading Programme was presented during Parent -Teacher Interview Day.

In the school’s main hall, I displayed:

  • selected guided reading books
  • the home reading booklets,
  • the home reading recording log

I took the opportunity to speak to groups of parents after the parent teacher interviews and explain how the programme will work.  I also talked about:

Ways to help your child with home reading:

  • let your child hold the book and turn the pages
  • draw your child’s attention to words on the page and/or individual letters
  • allow the child to explain in their mother tongue what the book is about if parents do not speak English

Digital ways tablets can assist with home reading:

  • many eBooks are interactive and can read to the user
  • pressing on a word brings up a sub menu which gives the option of copy, define, note search and share
  • some eBooks allow the reader to record themselves reading to self-evaluate and share with others

On the screen behind the display, parents could see videos and photographs showing various classes of children involved in shared reading, answering questions, learning phonics through songs and games, singing and completing written tasks.

I recommend using this strategy before sending information home so that parents have a better understanding of a reading programme, especially for ESL children.


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