Twisting your ESL Program

As part of a weekly ECA (Extra Curricular Activity), I host a group of students for educational games.  During this period, I introduced Twister to a group of interested students who seemed very captivated by the colourful packaging.


After some introductions and review of directions, movements and colours, the children were eager to get started.  As we got into the game, they looked perplexed with the purpose of the game, but with some cajoling and ‘thumbs up’, we continued until they collapsed with tangled excitement.


My goals using this game in my ESL classroom include reinforcement/introduction of:

  • colours (spoken and written)
  • directions (left, right)
  • movements (sit, squat, crawl, stretch, reach, etc.)
  • prepositions (above, below, over, under, etc.)
  • team work – getting along, listening, helping, suggesting

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