P6 Unit on Jobs (Occupations)

P6 or Primary 6 students are currently involved in a unit called, What do you want to be?  

The oral activity that follows is a fun and engaging way to involve the students in a comfortable manner that invites collaboration, peer modeling and support.

Students take turns to roll the dice landing on a space and answering the question related to it.  I encourage and model ways they need to answer the questions in sentence form.

For example, number 14 is ‘He/she teaches students in school’.  I model,

  • He is a teacher
  • She is a teacher
  • He is a teacher like Mr. Campbell
  • This person’s job is a teacher in a school

You can add various elements of sentence structure depending on student strengths in English, or your desired goals.

Here is the game board and card sheets.  I recommend printing them out in colour and laminating them.  This type of game board is excellent for any subject matter.

What is their job (page 1 of 3)

What is their job (page 2 of 3)

What is their job (page 3 of 3)Another activity involves pairs of students using the occupation cards.   One student holds a picture and gives clues to another one.  They have to guess the job by the clues given. This is an excellent activity to get students speaking factual information about what people do in various professions.


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