Guided Reading Program for ESL Students

guidedreadingStarting a Guided Reading Program for ESL Students… a Journey for teachers and students

One of my goals last year was to start a Guided Reading Program for my students this year.

Grade one students were assessed at the end of the last school year.  As this is new to the staff of this school, I will begin with grades two and three, followed with the grade one classes next year.  With the help of the a Teacher Adviser from the Ministry of Education, I will help train the local teachers so they can work alongside with me.  I selected 4 titles at each level from the company, Wings Publishing, as they offer leveled Reading Recovery books, and the levels were determined after looking at my assessment results in May.  I used a modified PM Benchmarks to suit my needs; there are many other reading assessments out there.

My goal is to help children improve their reading fluency and comprehension. This will hopefully affect their scores in their English reading and oral state-wide tests at the end of Grade three which gives the staff and administration some feedback on our success and establishing goals for next year.

I believe that all students benefit when teachers use the guided reading instructional model. These  include individualized instruction, the use of enjoyable, colourful storybooks at the students’ reading levels, and the exposure to language that is context embedded.  They also benefit from the structured format of the lesson to build their confidence and comfort levels within my room.  Training begins in November, and the program starts in January.  I will be introducing iPad technology and the Arts into this journey, as well.


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