Kool Kidz Values Poster

Kool Kidz Poster ACampbell

Learning doesn’t just happen on its own.  One needs to have the right attitude to make it happen.  Success only begins when we develop a positive attitude towards learning.

A positive attitude allows us to remember, focus and absorb information as we move through our learning journey.  When children try their best and develop a sense of responsibility for their learning, they begin to recognize many different kinds of opportunities.

Part of our job as educators, is to instill/model these values to our students.  In my experience, there isn’t really the “best time” or “right moment”  to teach these ideals.  Some of the best lessons arose when an incident happened in the class or a child was retelling a certain experience.  They should be presented naturally and in an open and honest environment nurturing kindness, understanding and empathy.

The above poster is placed in my classroom where students can see and remind themselves of it.

Teaching Strategies:


  • Teach through modeling ( in a loving  manner) by giving examples of situations where they need to be independent, like trying first on your own, in a risk-taking manner – be courageous!

Doing your best

  • It could be through any task
  • Set small goals if the task seems so large
  • Get in touch with your inner self and memorize what self-accomplishment feels like – strive to repeat it
  • Do YOUR best, and try not to compare yourself with others


  •  The way we carry ourselves and treat others says a lot about us and how we view the world
  • Role-playing, discussions and short, situational dramas with ‘freezes’ and/or ‘wind the clock back’ works well allowing students to make changes or try something a different way


  • Encourage the students to try to participate on a daily basis, keeping a personal tally sheet or check system, if necessary
  • Share the importance of collaboration and strength in numbers
  • Group students as much as possible so they have a variety of opportunities, daily, to work with new classmates
  • Be honest in sharing that it takes effort and patience to work with others, and sometimes it doesn’t always work out… just do your best and be respectful


  • Discussion and modeling, as needed to make this value understood in different contexts, i.e., organizational, behavioural, personal
  • Offer suggestions and direction to students who have difficulty being responsible.  For example, encourage the students to use agendas or reminder apps where they can enter tasks that need to be completed.
  • Offer a kind word of praise for any responsible behaviours, and keep parents aware of areas of improvement, however small – email on the spot, if available, and/or Instagram a photo of the student when they succeed in a set task or situation

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