Easing in to their first ESL classes

teddyHere are helpful hints to parents and students of my ESL classes to start the year well.

1. Be relaxed and observe the posters and bulletin boards in my room.  I use bright colours and an attractive layout to excite the curiosity of the students.  It is my goal to provide a relaxed environment.

2. Feel free to participate without fear of mistakes.  Mistakes are important for personal growth and risk-taking.  Young children just do it, usually without thinking of making a mistake… that’s the fun part.  Learning to communicate is the key.  Find your learning style and go with it.  The more you try, the quicker  you’ll feel relaxed in my room.

3. Laugh at your attempts and be yourself when participating.  Be comfortable with where you are at in learning a new language. Remember to remind each other to try. That’s another great way we learn – peer helping and tutoring.

4. Keep a little diary of what you’ve learned or achieved each day.  Refer back to it before each class to refresh and re-engage with past successes.  Be proud of every step you’ve taken.

5. Enjoy your journey into learning a new language.  Get into the customs, culture, and Arts of the country’s language you are studying.


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