iPad Apps for the ESL Student

Here are a few of the many free Apps available to assist the young learner of English.  I’ve used them on an iPad connected to a projector to share with my ESL classes, and they love the interactiveness and excitement each app generates.  Students can also download them for home use.

At the time of this post, most of them are free from Apple’s iTunes Store where you will need to enter your personal information to download to your device. Please download and share your experience of using them with me.

iTunes at 11.30.47 AMESL Reading Comprehension

iTunes at 11.33.43 AMKids Picture Dictionary

iTunes at 11.44.47 AMFun English Language Learning Games

iTunes at 11.48.43 AMKids Academy – ABC Alphabet Phonics Tracing

iTunes at 11.52.06 AMKids Academy – 123 Tracing

iTunes at 11.55.05 AMABC Alphabet Phonics

iTunes at 11.59.25 AMKids Academy – The Three Little Pigs

iTunes at 12.01.45 PMKids Academy – Bingo ABC Alphabet Phonics Song


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